David Cohn

Senior Director
Advance Digital’s Alpha Group

Over the last fifteen years David Cohn has been at the forefront of innovation in journalism, working on some of the first experiments in buzzwordy facets of journalism including “structured content,” “networked journalism,” “distributed reporting” and more. In 2008 he created the first platform to crowdfund journalism. Next he was the Chief Content Officer of Circa, a startup redefining how news is consumed on the mobile phone and one of the first organizations to experiment with atomized news structures or “object oriented journalism.” Following this he was an Executive Producer at AJ+ part of Al Jazeera’s research and development team, leading efforts to turn a broadcast organization into a digital operation. Today he is a senior director at Advance Digital’s Alpha Group, which does in-house incubation. Essentially, he gets to be part of the mad-scientist team.