Doris Truong

Faculty, Poynter

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Doris Truong is faculty at Poynter. She specializes in leadership, ethics and tactics for fostering inclusion. She has taught in the Leadership Academy for Women in Media, the Leadership Academy for Diversity in Media, Essential Skills for Rising Newsroom Leaders and the Power of Diverse Voices. She was the founding editor of┬áThe Collective, PoynterÔÇÖs newsletter┬áby┬ájournalists of color┬áfor┬ájournalists of color and their allies.

She was a 2024 at the University of Michigan, where she studied ways to help journalists better understand their own gaps in life experience and to be more inclusive of their audiences. Her extensive journalism background includes supervising breaking news at The Washington Post, where she contributed to┬áPulitzers for the┬á╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň╠ř. She has also worked as a copy editor for The Dallas Morning News and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

She is a former national president of the Asian American Journalists Association and past vice president of UNITY: Journalists for Diversity. She was awarded the 2014 Spirit of Diversity Award from Wayne State University and received the Robinson Prize in 2013 from what is now ACES: The Society for Editing. She is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, an alumna of the Dow Jones News Fund and the Maynard Media Institute, and is a past board member of the Fund for Investigative Journalism.

Away from the office, she is likely to be collecting passport stamps, trying a new cooking technique or organizing a karaoke outing. Find her at @doristruong on most social sites.