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Distinguish yourself with the industry’s premiere editing certificates, where you’ll engage in powerful lessons, immerse yourself in accuracy and verification skills and become the kind of editor people are hungry to work with. ACES: The Society for Editing members receive a special discount through their .

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Introductory Certificate

Gain a solid understanding of standards, skills and best practices when you earn your Poynter ACES Introductory Certificate in Editing.

Intermediate Certificate

Go deeper into grammar, working with writers, ethics, law and tech with the Poynter ACES Intermediate Certificate in Editing.

Advanced Certificate

Edit strategically and earn your Poynter ACES Advanced Editing Certificate. New coursework and material is scheduled for 2024.

The Poynter ACES Introductory Certificate in Editing is an introductory level certificate containing self-paced courses. You can enroll in the courses individually; however, you’ll receive a certificate only if you enroll in the certificate program and successfully complete the course assessments offered through it. This certificate program is a suggested prerequisite for the Poynter ACES Intermediate Certificate in Editing.

Poynter ACES Introductory Certificate in Editing

This package includes six self-directed courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Editing
    You will gain a solid foundation in the process of editing and the range of skills that provide clarity and accuracy to any form of writing.
  2. The Art and Science of Editing
    You will learn to identify when you need to edit something, when you don’t and how to explain your changes to others.
  3. Clarity is Key: Making Writing Clean and Concise
    Learn to clarify and streamline your writing by using straightforward words and stronger nouns and verbs.
  4. Getting It Right: Accuracy and Verification in the Digital Age
    Acquire the knowledge and tools to become a more accurate journalist in the digital age.
  5. Editing Everywhere All At Once: Writing for SEO, Social, Newsletters and More
    Get expert guidance in perfecting all the “other” words that need curating, from headlines to Youtube descriptions to social media posts.
  6. Language Primer: Basics of Grammar, Punctuation and Word Use
    Practice the fundamentals of grammar and composition so you can write and edit with greater confidence.

This package includes seven self-directed courses:

  1. Editing Tools: How to Use Roy Peter Clark’s ‘Writing Tools’ as an Editor: Break down some of Clark’s most memorable lessons and determine how editors can harness their power to improve communications, messaging and even management.
  2. Tech Tools for Editors: Efficiency, Organization and Visual Verification: This two-part course taught by leading experts features the latest tools and techniques to keep editors organized and efficient, while also giving them a crash course in verifying visuals online. 
  3. Working with Writers: How Editors Can Improve Words, Author Relationships and the World: Treat yourself to a cozy, personal session from one of the nation’s most renowned writing coaches and editors. Learn how to establish a trusting relationship with writers, work with them effectively to improve copy for readers, and keep the polish on all the writing you come across as an editor.
  4. Grammar Deep Dive: Getting Below the Surface of our Language: The inner workings of grammar don’t have to be a mystery. Delves into the mechanics of English to demystify some of its more advanced concepts.
  5. Legal Issues for Editors: Understand some of the most frequent legal issues that editors might face — libel, privacy and copyright — and get a practical look at how to spot and minimize risk in all three eras.
  6. 51ԹϹfor Editors: Get an elevated view of the ethics involved in editing, from providing managerial guidance for writers to spotting and solving sticky situations in communications.
  7. Editing Data: Get more comfortable with numeracy and learn how numbers, math and data are important parts of the stories we help tell.

The Poynter ACES Intermediate Certificate in Editing was completely remade and released in December of 2023. It contains all new coursework in its seven self-paced courses. Enrollment in this certificate will automatically enroll you in all courses listed, plus their related assessments. Please note that enrolling in the courses separately will not count toward the certificate.


Advanced Certificate

This advanced editing certificate is for experienced editors who are seeking to move their work to a new level. It’s a comprehensive training program for editors and writers who want to hone their skills and edit strategically instead of just tactically. If you’d like to be added to our list for alerts on the next time we offer this course, please email .